Despite the fact that immense developments have been made in the field of technology, the importance of offline advertisements is still not undermined. There are many businesses that emphasize the need for offline advertisement since it allows them to target a greater market. However, is one issue that businesses experience is a difficulty in tracking attribution of such advertisements.

With time, there have been many platforms developed that help measure the success of the offline advertisement campaigns through using cloud based solutions. Google analytics is one of the most popular platforms used for the purpose of tracking, measuring and analyzing the effect of advertisement campaigns. The tools that are employed involve:


In order to track how well offline advertisements are doing, creating specific URLs for each offline platform can be a big help. These URLs are usually separate from the established websites of the businesses already so that the amount of traffic received can be monitored and recorded. Depending on the number you get per platform, you can determine which one was the most successful and effective in creating leads and transforming them into sales.

Through online analytic websites, you will even be able to see the market behavior by observing their activity of the website. The report it creates will give you information on which part of the URL received the most attention and which was neglected. You will be able to determine just how well the offline advertisement was able to educate the market on your product or service and alter it accordingly.

Geo Filters

One essential aspect of offline advertising is the use of billboards; they are seen from a distance and created to be very attractive in order to persuade potential customers to buy products or avail the service a businesses is offering. Utilizing geo filters would allow businesses to observe business traffic after the offline ad is played. If the website, outlet or social media receives a massive boost in traffic, then your offline ad was successful.

Discount Codes

Another simple way to track attribution of offline advertisements is through the use of codes discount, promotional and sale codes. Depending on the platform that you use, you can make the code specific and record the response it gets. If more people use the code, then you will know that your offline campaign is fulfilling its purpose. Making the codes specific would also ensure that you are able to determine which channel is more effective in advertising thus allowing you to optimize by utilizing the successful ones only.

Search Volume

One of the best, and simple, ways to figure out whether your offline campaign was successful in its attribution goals is to check for the frequency with which a term related to your business, product or service was entered into a search engine. If more people look your business up then your offline campaigns are proving to be successful in generating leads and piquing the interest of potential customers.