Media planning is a common practice in the advertising industry. The main purpose of media planning is to increase the exposure of an ad by promoting it through appropriate platforms that will garner more views. Only when the ad is received positively is when media planning will be considered a success in the advertisement industry.

Given it’s importance, there is a variety of media planning tools that can help you improve your approach and achieve the best results. They include:

Kantar Media Planning

If you observe the ad campaigns of the most famous, and successful, companies in the world, you will notice that they use Kantar Media Planning Tools. The reason being that this platform allows the user to gain more information about their market –it would improve their approach by making it more targeted. Additionally, the media planning tool will also provide information of the reviews the company gets –what the people think about the company as a whole, their products or recent updates.


Most media planning tools are pretty similar; the things that make them unique are the additional tools they provide to give their users an edge over the others. MediaTool is a platform through which users can keep a close eye on their budgetary transactions, receive compiled and analyzed data and benefit from daily reminders about tasks and updates. Since it operates through the cloud, it is one of the easiest media planning tools to use out there.

Google Media Planning Tool Kit

For those who use Google Media Planning Tool Kit, creating, organizing and releasing online ad campaigns is as simple as it can get. You can expect to get relevant information on what a successful plan for an online ad campaign looks like, understanding the nature and behaviors of your market as well as coming up with creative ways to make ads more appealing and attractive. Similarly, Google Media Planning Tool Kit will also suggest strategies to make the campaign more efficient all the while providing a detailed report of its performance at the end.


Throughout the years, Telmar has proven to be very reliable and effective in fulfilling its purpose of making advertisements more targeted. It is a tool that allows for users to help discover new markets and retrieve as much information on it as possible. In order to promote the business, it will come up with a combination of media platforms that will maximize the exposure the ads get as well.

Bionic Media Planner

Throughout the world, Bionic Media Planner provides users access to various informational flowcharts that reflect the success of ad campaigns as well as the projected improvement if changes were to be made. Depending on what you highlight your promotional goals to be, it will give you suggestions to optimize your ads through effective ad placements so that the business exposure is set at a maximum. What makes this platform particularly unique is the fact that it has incorporated a planning system that ensures you complete tasks before the deadlines thus preventing any potential for loss or delays.

We hope this has been a helpful overview of the tools that exist on the market today. We’ll be doing our part to make our own set of tools that might just help expedite the industry’s efficacy.

Stay tuned.