Just recently, Google released Google Discover Ads. For the first time ever, Google has created a discover feed where various ads will be played in accordance to your interests. The method of advertisement moves away from the dominant keyword method that Google has become known for and instead takes on a more targeted approach. According to Brad Bender, one of Google’s advertising leads, products are advertised to the people not only when they are searching for something specific but also when they are looking to discover new things.

What are Discover Ads?

Google discover was initially known as Google Now or Google Feed but it’s name was changed to Google Discover recently. For anyone who uses the Google app on their android or iOS powered smart phones, they will notice its appearance on the home page. Here they will be able to choose topics that interest them and Google will display advertisements in accordance to the preferences.

What makes it so unique is the fact that Google will continue to change the suggested products or services advertised to you in accordance to your activity on the search engine –what you search for, the websites you visit and where you are located. Even the activity on certain websites like YouTube is used in a way to ensure that you are exposed to ads that are within the confines of your interests. Already, 800 million people all across the globe are using the hyper targeted Google Discover page to satisfy their material needs.

The nature of these ads depend on the type of business advertising and the platform they are being displayed on. Google Discover Ads include image ads, video ads and even showcase ads that provide information about the business and a persuading call to action phrase to get potential customers to become leads.

How can businesses use this platform?

If you have decided to make use of Google Discover, then you must create a new campaign that revolves around creating ads for Google Discover. Once the ad is created, uploaded and paid for, Google will automatically start displaying it to a targeted market that will be interested in your product or service. Within a matter of days, potential customers will be able to see your ad being displayed on the Discover page and all associated Google platforms.

Perhaps the best part about Google Discover Ads is that you get to pay for them on a cost-per-click basis. This means that you only have to pay a specific amount based on the number of clicks you ad gets on the Discover page. Thus, you are also being cost efficient by only paying for a campaign when it is proving to be successful.

Why are Google Discover Ads important?

If you are looking to run an effective ad campaign that ensures that you experience a boost in brand awareness, sales and growth, you need to incorporate Google Discover Ads. It will allow you to benefit from the hyper targeted approach Google is utilizing all the while expanding to Google associated platforms.